Party Transition part 2

Next set of updates include removing the stamina system and moving to an HP based system, a new area to explore, participation bonuses for battle participants, quick switch for characters and a leave guild button.

Why the move from stamina to HP? The stamina system was a experiment in seeing how I could expand on ‘turn’ systems, but unfortunately this experiment hasn’t been very popular given the stigma associated with it from other games.

This means all battles will be until death of all party members of either side, any hp you lose in battles is permanent until you heal your characters, the energy drink will recover your character’s hp instead of stamina, stamiplenish will be renamed and will heal characters instead and login resets will refill all your character’s HP. If your character dies, you must use a revive potion or pay an ‘Inn’ to rest and recover.

I will be adding a new area which will include more multi-NPCs, so battles are more interesting. This new area will include more minable material, quests and items. Keys will be given in the new quests, so that you can access closed doors to new areas. It is safe to say that this is an expansion.

Participation bonuses are awarded for joining a battle and being alive at the time of NPC death. Each NPC death results in multiple participation bonuses.

Character quickswitching is a faster way to switch between your party members.

Leave guild button because there isn’t one currently. :|

I am figuring out the best way to share notifications, messages and inventory between your party members, so those updates will be part of part 3 for the party system.